Life in Dorms

A big part of living in an international school is sharing a room with students from all around the world. The diversity of EMIS is well noticed in dorms. You never know who you will end up with. We decided to interview three rooms on campus about their life together.

The first room we interviewed is a DP2’s room. Luiz from Brazil, Alper from Turkey, Mulham from Palestine and Daniel from Ukraine share this room together. When asked about the relationship between them as roommates, they compared themselves with the Kardashians meaning drama is always a big part of the room. Luiz admits that there are sometimes issues in the room but overall their relationship is strong. I asked the boys a few questions that might seem funny but are considered crucial if living in EMIS. Alper and Luiz fought over who is the cleanest one in the room. After asking who is the one owning the most clothes, everyone points at Alper. Apparently Alper is also the one who spends about 20 minutes showering and is considered the peacock of the room. Well, his roommates wouldn’t be surprised judging by the amount of clothes he has. We asked the roommates who would most likely meet up after EMIS and we found out that Daniel and Alper are going to take a Gap year together but all the boys would love to meet up in Amsterdam in the red light district. Before leaving we asked everyone how they see each other in the future. The guys see Mulham studying biochemistry and becoming a professor at Harvard. Alper will be drinking wine in Montmartre, Luiz will be representing Brazil in the United Nations and Daniel will be an economist or maybe he’ll join the IDF.

18049699_1298409700247787_589043945_o (1)

We moved on to another room. This time we visited Sara from Spain, Junis from Albania, Adee from Israel and Samar from Palestine. The girls are currently attending the first year at EMIS and they are part of one of the most joyful rooms on campus. The relationship in the room is very interesting. During a normal night Adee is playing music, Junis is watching Vampire Diaries, Sara is watching Game of Thrones and Samar is watching SKAM. When asked about what issues they have had and how they have solved them, Adee admits she is the one always having problems with the roommates and Sara appears to be the calmest member of the room. In the beginning Adee and Samar used to disagree about everything and later on they started talking more and now they are inseparable. About the cleanest one in the room, there is a tight competition between Junis and Samar. The girls started arguing about who makes more noise when sleeping. Samar seems to be the winner. She talks and wishes people “Happy Birthday” in her sleep. When asked about how they see each other in the future, they all wish success to each other. Adee thinks Samar will be the richest and she will always be travelling. Adee will be an architect, Junis a physicist and Sara an ambassador. The girls wanted to conclude the interview with their most used quotes. Junis is known for her “Be careful” phrase. Samar is always asking for opinions with her “Guys, what do you think about…”. Sara as understood from before loves silence and in a room like this her most used word is “Shush!” while Adee only wants to “TURN OFF THE AC”.

18049927_1298409750247782_49156448_o (1)

Life at EMIS is always busy. In a jumble of tests, assignments and activities, everyone still finds the time to spend with their roommates. Finding a good way of communicating with the people you wake up around everyday is crucial. There will be problems but there will also always be a solution to that problem. Everyone wants to live in an amicable and helpful environment and most of the times it is found living in a small room with 3 other people from different countries and cultures.

Written by: Arsa Sota


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