Food waste at EMIS

The group of students in green team CAS are investigating an issue that hasn’t been discussed or mentioned since EMIS was born, the eyes of these students started to look around and they saw an awful fact that sometimes humans don’t recognize the existence of it. Therefore, they are now investigating this issue.

The main goal of the project is to reduce the waste of food in the dining hall, the dining hall is the place where all the kfar hayarok village students eat their three meals. These students got the power to start reducing this fact by hanging posters in the school, EMIS and in the nearest future they will be hung in the dining hall.  They thought of ways to raise awareness because they recognized that we humans cannot see that what we are doing now is affecting many different third parties.

So many ideas were raised such as putting up posters, which have been done recently, providing workshops, lectures and creating videos. The purpose of these actions is to keep reminding the community of the effects and the facts. However, this group of students are divided into three sections starting from the wastage of food in the dining hall, planting team and ending with recycling team. Currently these students are working on the media section where they take videos and pictures of the wastage of food, especially the harsh side of it and are also preparing lectures. These lectures will be introduced to EMIS students and the students of the kfar village, so that everyone will be made conscious of  this project and how to prevent the black fact, step by step.

“I am happy that we are doing this, I really wanted to change this black aspect from the beginning of the year”, a representor of the green team has mentioned through the interview. EMIS students came here for change and to help the environment around us. Although, this is not the only project that they are currently working on, another includes the recycling issue.They have worked on the recycling aspect  for the past months and everyone is seeing the improvement and the excitement of the students towards the projects.

Hopefully, this project will change the views of how people see the wastage of food they are creating.

Written  by: Samar Qasasfeh


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