A Journey of Change

Seven months have passed since the start of the school year. Seven challenging, unique and beautiful months. Seven months that I cannot believe I was able to experience, where I found myself developing in so many ways and where I didn’t only learn about other people but I also discovered myself. Through this journey, I have changed in a way that I had never done before and I have seen this in so many other people.

EMIS is a unique and challenging yet rewarding experience that I am lucky enough to experience. Living here, in a boarding school with people from a variety of cultures, backgrounds and personalities is very hard but also eye-opening as one learns about all different types of people and cultures in a way that is different from any other school. Here we live with our classmates that come from all over the world and really learn about the smallest differences or similarities between us.

Adee Sella (DP1) says, EMIS has  “Changed (her) by opening up to new perspectives and ideas”, through this, I  have also changed my ideas about other countries and have become a lot more aware of other people and cultures.

Beniamin Strzelecki (DP1) also answered that he had “(…) become more open to talk to new people. I (he) got a better awareness about how other people live as I (he) only lived with my family and now I (he) live with strangers who grew up in completely different cultures and habits.”

When I asked Junis Ekmekciu (DP1) about how EMIS had changed her, she said that EMIS  “(…) made me (her) understand that even though you might disagree or dislike someone or their decision, at the end of the day you have to accept them for who they are and respect them”. I agree with this completely because here we live with students and share similarities along with differences. Even if we don’t always agree with someone else, and trust me this happens often, just like Junis said, we still have respect towards them. In the beginning I was less open to this kind of change but I learnt that there is no point in disliking someone just because they are different from you and it is a lot better to respect them and accept that you share differences, there is no way that all individuals are alike.

As an individual, I have also developed in the way that I have learnt to become so much more independent. I went from having my parents there for me at all times to all of a sudden being completely alone. From one day to the next. It was hard but over time I learnt how to take care of myself in a different way than I was used to. This helped me grow as a person as I feel as though I am more in charge of my life.

EMIS has taught me to accept and seek any opportunity that I can get and make the best out of it. Some of my best moments of the last seven months are those activities that didn’t have anything to do with the IB, for example the Tel Aviv Marathon or the Peace Simulation. They are the ones that have really impacted me and changed me in a way that I want to be part of more things around me and I want to engage in the community and all the events that people at EMIS create. I learn so much from every single small experience and I feel as though the more opportunities I grab, the more I gain from this incredible place.
Written By: Isabella Akesson


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