EMIS Photostory

As future DP1s are consistently getting accepted, and the posts on the Facebook Applicants group increase as the days, weeks, and months go by, each future DP1 is starting to plan their new journey to EMIS. Many have asked questions like “how big are the rooms?”, “how do the facilities look?”, and “what are the classes like?”. I decided to try to answer some of those in order to get you future DP1s excited about the place you are coming to. Here’s a virtual tour of some parts of the school, a photostory of EMIS.

We start with the common room, or as we call it here, the club. Here you can chill, watch movies, do homework, or hang out with people. There’s also a kitchen with a stove, an oven, pots, pans, and all other utensils so people can cook whenever they feel like it (especially with the great food we get at the dining hall).


Next, we are going to visit the school building. This building is separate from the dorms and is located right next to them, so you only have to walk about a minute to get to your class! It’s great! The first floor of the building includes offices and the teacher’s room, as well as one classroom. There’s also an announcement calendar with monthly updates about school events.


Next, we climb the stairs to the second floor of the school building, where the rest of the classrooms are located. Each classroom is equipped with a whiteboard and a projector.

Continuing our tour, we visit the DP2 dorms. They are separate from the DP1 and Cambridge dorms. The DP2 dorm building also contains two classrooms (one of which is the science room), and a big library where we have some classes, but we mostly use it for studying after school hours.

Then, we move to the DP1 dorms. The dorms are made up of three corridors: one girls, one boys, and one mixed. There are four people in a room, and each room has its own bathroom and shower. There are two bunk beds, four desks, four closets, and four shelves. The closets are not huge, though have enough space to store your belongings.

The last thing on our tour would have to be outside. Have it be the corridors, the main grass, or the walk to the dining hall, the whole environment is extremely peaceful and surrounded by nature (and a LOT of animals).

Written by: Adee Sella


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