The ultimate packing guide

Dear Firsties,

Soon you will embark on your two year EMIS experience and your second years are so excited to welcome you all. We thought that a great way to prepare you for EMIS is to write a packing guide for you, as per EMIS tradition.

Some of you will have more space than others, some of you will drive to EMIS with multiple boxes while others will only be able to bring a suitcase or two. So we have made a packing guide so you can make the best out of the little (or a lot) of space that you have. Especially for those of you traveling from far away it might seem impossible to pack your life away into a suitcase or two. This packing guide should help you make this hard task a little easier. If you aren’t sure if you should bring something or not, send us a message and we will gladly help you out.

So here is a list of most of the things you will need at EMIS, of course those of you who do not have a lot of space can buy the things that we recommend buying here and save a lot of space for the important things.

Let’s break it down:


  • Notebooks are necessary but to save space you can easily buy them at MAX20.
  • Laptop are also very useful but if this is not an option there are computers that can be used
  • Stationary is also nice to have from home but again can be bought here.
  • Ti-84 Calculator is a must, you can either order it through the school but last year it took a while for it to arrive so an option is also to order it on amazon or other websites. The school may give you the option to buy them second hand ones, but if so, they will be limited so jump on the opportunity quickly.
  • Old notes from school are also good, I had great math and sciences notes that were really useful
  • Planner/Diary since you will be very busy but you can also use your phone/laptop for this.

Room things:

– Sheets/blankets/pillows are provided by the school but If you have space/are Israeli or Palestinian, you tend to feel more comfortable with your own bed stuff.

– We recommend choosing something from your room and bringing it to EMIS, it doesn’t have to be big, but having it with you can make settling in a little easier.

– Having pictures of your friends and family are a great way to keep them close to you. You can stick the pictures on your wall by your bed, next to your desk, or even on your cupboard, they make for great decorations, keep you smiling, and are a fun way for your EMIS friends to get to know your life back home.

– Lamp, for your bed/and or your desk

– Decorations (keep in mind you have roommates).

  • Comfy everyday clothes, this includes both summer light clothes and winter warmer clothes as it does get colder.
  • Formal clothes for prom/graduation/conferences
  • WHITE SHIRTS (you will need these every Shabbat, and trust us, you don’t want to be the one always borrowing a white shirt).
  • Flip flops are perhaps the most used shoes on the campus, you will find yourself using them everyday, from the shower, to cleaning, to the dining hall. You can find havaianas here for around 50 shekels.
  • A backpack is used a lot here, especially for school trips, taking your books from one study place to another, or going out.
  • Running shoes
  • Bathing suit
  • Socks, somehow they disappear so bring lots of them



– You can buy all your toiletries here, but keep in mind Israel may not have the exact products your used to, so if there’s a face wash or something that works well for you, bring it and use it until you find one here. It may take some time to find the products that work for you, especially since a lot of them are only in hebrew, but you figure it out in the end, we promise.

– Towels aren’t provided by the school, but can be bought anywhere.

– Laundry bag, can be bought here for cheap at MAX20

– Eye mask if you are sensitive to the light and you like to sleep earlier than you’re roommates

  • A good pair of earphones and earplugs are useful to have, especially if you are studying and want to block out the noise/ don’t want to bug your roommates with your music.
  • Eyemask if you are sensitive to light since you will have roommates
  • If you have space for a speaker, bring it! They are super fun to have in the room to share your music with us all and great for birthday parties and music is what gets us through cleaning!
  • Food is the most precious thing you can have at EMIS. Many students love having a stash of noodles for when the dining hall gets bad and having food from your country is a fun way for us to learn about your culture and also a good way of making best friends.
  • Water bottle
  • Your favourite mug
  • Make sure you have the right charging plugs, israel uses the three small round plugs and normal two prong iphone chargers fit in.
  • USB but it is not a must and can be bought here if needed
  • Water boiler or a kettle for those of you who like tea or coffee, however there are kettles that can be used here too.
  • Sleeping bag for the yearly trip but this is not a must if you do not have space

And there you have it, our ultimate packing guide to surviving at EMIS! We know it all sounds like a lot, but trust us, you will settle in very quickly and soon it too will become your other home.

Love, your DP2s

By: Isabella and Maya


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