Twelve months at EMIS

On the 6th of march 2016 i knew about EMIS, I applied and got accepted in June, when I heard that I had been accepted I cried a lot, my tears were a combination of sadness because I was going to live far from my community and they were also of happiness because I would start my journey. I wasn’t expecting it but here I am almost done with my first year after settling in on the 24th of august and I can’t imagine that I have challenged myself and come to this amazing place.  

Frankly, i have passed my best and worst moments in my life at EMIS. At first It was hard for me to achieve what i wanted but with time this place liked me and I liked it back with my eyes and heart open.

After i finished my first semester at EMIS I had a thought of leaving this place because I couldn’t deal with the challenge anymore but I couldn’t get myself to do it because I think that if it doesn’t challenge me, it won’t change me and this is what I want, I want to change, I want to be different.

In my finals exams I made a promise to myself that I had to get higher grades than I used to have and I did not disappoint myself. I have increased by 6 points in my report which was a shock for me. The day after I got the report, we had a meeting with all the DP1s and during this meeting the school principle mentioned me as one of the students who has improved a lot through this year and got amazing comments from my teachers. This has made me proud of myself and motivated me to stay in this family.

Here, I belong in this community and I don’t want to lose it after one year of building relationships with people of almost my age from all around the world. Talking about friendships, I think that the bonds between us can’t be broken easily because it was created with love and respect, in this one year at EMIS I’ve changed, I’ve developed, I’ve become more mature about what’s going on around me in life.

But I am still immature, it was hard for me to understand everything back in my community but here all the doors were open for new experiences and challenges, and this is what I like about EMIS. I like the atmosphere, the place, the dorm life. I have loved and I have been loved in this community and it’s never easy to give up on your memories just by leaving them behind. Memories are bad and good actions that we store in our minds, they are the non-forgettable actions with people who you live with, at EMIS my memories would never be erased because every time I walk in the corridors I remember the best and worst actions that happened but after that i laugh because i love how we have created them.  

I am writing this because after these 12 months that passed in the blink of an eye it’s just hard to get over everything, they were 12 months of stress, hunger, fun and tears. Everyday that has passed at EMIS, I am sure that i have laughed from my heart and none of my laughs were fake. I will end it with hope for all the Dp1s to get ready for our next year at this beautiful place made of heaven  called EMIS. Well! this is my story at EMIS after the last 12 months”
Written by: Samar Qasasfeh


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