EMIS Culinary Guide

Typical Thursday afternoon of an EMISer: going out to Tel Aviv or Ramat, buying groceries, hanging out with friends and eating… but where? The problem is always the same so here we are with a solution to our never-ending concerns. To make it easier for you, I have indicated the price range in all the listed restaurants and in what part of the city they are located, along with category and a short recommendation of an EMIS student.

Italian: Cafe Italia

Cafe Italia is an elegant and quite romantic, classic Italian restaurant with a big choice of appetizers, pasta, second courses and Italian wine. It is a very good choice if you are looking for some good European food in Tel Aviv.

“Ivan and I had a wonderful dinner there together.”

– Beniamin Strzelecki (DP1)

Location: Kremnitski 6, near to Azrieli Center – Tel Aviv

Pricing: $$-$$$

Asian: Zepra

Zepra brings together the variety of almost all Asian cuisines, Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Cambodian, Korean, Vietnamese and Indonesian, in an extraordinary mixture. The character of the restaurant is highlighted by its original design.

“Where you are best served with Asian food (including Vietnamese dishes).”

– Khanh Nguyen (DP1)

Location: Yigal Alon 92, near to Azrieli Center – Tel Aviv

Pricing: $$$$

Breakfast: Benedict

What to do when you want to eat breakfast, but it is 3 or 5 pm? Go to Benedict! There, you can eat breakfasts from all over the world, depending on the season – even from Costa Rica, yet their gallo pinto is not as good as the one EMIS’ Daniela makes.

“They have good pancakes, amazing pancakes. And serve there 24/7, literally the whole night.”

– Caterina Barbi (DP2)

Location: Sarona Market, Tel Aviv

Pricing: $$-$$$

Sushi: Nooch

Nooch is the best place for sushi if you want to eat close to EMIS. Off the main street, it gives you an opportunity to try tasty Asian food in well-designed interior, in fair prices. And if you don’t want to move out of campus, you can order it to EMIS.

“Big variety of types of sushi, food is of a good quality, the only drawback is that they happen to be a bit slow.”

– Greta Rossi (CAM)

Location: Hasaifan Street 31 – Ramat Hasharon

Pricing: $$-$$$

Pizza: Rustico

Following advices of Italians from EMIS, Rustico is our recommended pizza place in Tel Aviv. If you are tired of Pizza Hut or Dominos, this is a restaurant that you should choose.

“Good pizza, good pasta, great ambiance.”

– Isabella Akesson (DP1)

Location: Rothschild Boulevard 15 – Tel Aviv

Pricing: $$-$$$

Vegan: Market

According to the season, Market offers different dishes, but one thing does not change – they are always friendly for vegans and have modest prices. Among their specials, you can find delicious home-made style soups.

“Offers amazing vegan food, but don’t worry, you can also add something extra if you are a carnivore. Very cheap, healthy and fresh.”

– Natalia Bajnokova (DP1)

Location: King George 31, near to Dizengoff Center – Tel Aviv

Pricing: $

Seafood: Goocha

Since seafood is not kosher, and hence not widely available in Israel, it is worth to make an effort and go for shrimps or mussels from time to time, especially if they are that good!

“Goocha is a beautiful seafood restaurant in Tel Aviv, with an amazing atmosphere and as my girlfriend put it: “A+ shrimp”.”

– Yotam Stern (DP2)

Location: Dizengoff Street 171, near to Dizengoff Center – Tel Aviv

Pricing: $$$

Mexican: Taqueria

Taqueria is a well-known Mexican restaurant serving street Latino food. There you can find a wide range of tastes, including some very spicy sauces and vegan tacos. Don’t forget to take nachos!

“It was good food, I had a vegetarian burrito and we shared nachos, that was the best part.”

– Maya Shina (DP1)

Location: Levontin 28, near to Rothschild Boulevard – Tel Aviv

Pricing: $$

Burger: Ad Haetzem

Ad Haetzem offers the best burgers at a reasonable price. Unfortunately it is not located in Tel Aviv, but it is definitely worth trying if you are looking for a good food place in Herzliya or Kfar Saba.

“So non-kosher that you can order cheese on bacon on burger x3 for a succulent fat monster that satiates any meat-eater’s fantasies”

– Gebri Mishtaku (DP2)

Location: Herzliya, Kfar Saba

Pricing: $$

Luxurious: Aria

Aria is a restaurant offering innovative, contemporary dishes created by chef Guy Gamzu.

Location: Nachalat Binyamin 66, near to Rothschild Boulevard – Tel Aviv

Pricing: $$$$$

Affordable: Pasta Basta

Your pasta, sauce and toppings of choice for around 30 shekels. Pasta Basta has become an iconic restaurant among EMISers. You are really lucky if you don’t find anyone from school on Thursday, but even then you will have to struggle to find a spot among the crowd.

“Always fresh self-made pasta, not too expensive, variety of options and a very nice spot in the centre of Tel Aviv. Don’t forget to ask for free water and extra cheese, but be ready to wait in a queue.”

– Sebastian Valdivieso (DP1)

Location: Corner of Carmel Market and Allenby Street – Tel Aviv

Pricing: $

Ice cream: Siciliana

Siciliana offers endless options of great Italian ice cream. If this is not enough, you can also sit for a cookie or another dessert.

“It is an amazing piece of southern Italian soil a few minutes away from the beach! The flavours are amazing. I recommend to go with an Italian as they will be even more kind and put you more ice cream! (The small cup is enough, believe me)”

– Andres Lozano (DP2)

Location: Ibn Gabirol Street 63, near to Rabin Square – Tel Aviv

Pricing: $$

Take-away: Vitrina

Vitrina is a fast food restaurant, but if you are in a rush, this is the kind of fast food, that you want to eat. Perhaps, you will not find a place to sit there, but after all it is in take-away category!

“A place with excellent burgers, sausage, fries, basically everything! The best take-away I know in the city [and he knows a lot] as well as the most hipster one.”

– Omer Maly (DP2)

Recommended: Chips/fries

Location: Even Gvirol 54, near to Rabin Square – Tel Aviv

Pricing: $$

Falafel: 7 Shekels Falafel

Being in Israel and not eating falafel is like doing IB and having 8 hours of sleep every night. Impossible. And if you end up eating falafel, it better be in the Carmel Market!

“Say no more!”

– Yotam Koren (shinshin)

Location: Carmel Market

Pricing: $

Hummus: Abu Dabi

Called by many the best hummus place in Tel Aviv (confirmed with EMIS’ specialist in this field, Omer), Abu Dabi not only serves tasty food, but also plays joyful music and the service makes sure that you will not leave this place hungry.

“Mashawsha fills you up well, they also have great chips and free coffee.”

-Omer Ben-Zvi (DP1)

Recommended: Mashawsha

Location: King George 81, near to Dizengoff Center – Tel Aviv

Pricing: $

Dessert: Max Brenner

Max Brenner is a dessert bar with all kinds of chocolate products that one can imagine: from drinks, to cakes, to fondue and chocolate pizza. Although, for many, dessert is only something extra after the main course, the variety of sweets in Max Brenner can be enough for the whole dinner.

“Every time that you are feeling either sad, or happy, what will make you more happy is Max Brenner. It works at the maximum level of happiness.”

– Michelle Solomonov (DP1)

Location: Sarona Market, Rothschild Boulevard, Port – Tel Aviv

Pricing: $$$

Principal’s Special: Bar Giyora

Bar Giyora is a place good not only to eat, but also to sit and spend some time with friends,

“The special thing about the Giyora? Live shows in the basement. My favourite cookie there is called Peter Lugar and it is a giant, warm, chocolate cookie.”

– Gili Roman (Principal)

Location: Bar Giyora 4, near to Dizengoff Center – Tel Aviv

Pricing: $$-$$$

And if you really don’t know what to choose, just go to…

Sarona Market

Sarona Market is perhaps the most well-known food place in Israel, a place which makes eating a cultural event. On the spot you can find many options from all the world’s cuisines. Some of the restaurants are located inside the Sarona building, while others can be found around the park.

Pricing: $$-$$$$


Dining Hall of Hakfar Hayarok

Dining hall is a place difficult to resist, which draws thousands of people everyday and it is the only free place in our set. The menu changes everyday. Beware, it works only at 7:00, 12:00 and 18:00. Serves mainly Jewish Ashkenazi food, but lovers of food which actually has taste will also find something. Kosher!

Pricing: none!

Pricing scale for the guide: $ – $$$$$


We hope that you will enjoy the food and our guide will make your life a little bit easier, when you will be walking around Tel Aviv on Thursday afternoon, thinking where to eat. Bon apetit!

Written By: Beniamin Strzelecki



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