A letter to DP1s

Dear Newest Students of EMIS,
It is almost time for you to embark on the incredible and challenging journey of being part of an International School, and we, your seniors (or as you will soon start calling us your Dp2s) wanted to share our feelings on how our experience was when starting our first year.

We wanted to tell you our challenges, difficulties and good times with the hope that you can benefit and learn a bit from our mistakes and our experiences.

So, here it goes…

August 2016 introduced us to an unfamiliar and new environment, where most of us faced problems with the level of English, feeling average in a class where diversity was booming in every corner, and with almost all the people feeling the need to prove themselves and find their own place in this school.

These are some of the reasons we wanted to write to you. First of all, English is not everyone’s first language, and that is entirely fine. Whether you are a Native Speaker or a Student that has English as a second language, you are coming here to learn. You will study, speak and interact in English and this will definitely improve your English with time (without even realising it)! Therefore, you should not feel disadvantaged in any way, if you think your level of English might not be as “good” as other people. I repeat, you are here to learn, improve and grow as people!

That being said, the same goes for the problem of wanting to prove yourself and trying to find your “place” in the community. In the first few months, it is normal for people to feel the need to brag more about their achievements and show others that they are more than worthy of being a part of EMIS! Trust us, we encountered it ourselves, and we want to say that you are already special “enough” for EMIS! You are already special for being a newly admitted student! You are already special for deciding to leave your comfort zone, and for so many more reasons we will be more than glad to discover!

Also, you do not need to worry yourselves about finding your place, as that will come naturally. The only advice we can give you on that aspect is not to stress too much and just enjoy every moment, because you will be surrounded by wonderful people such as yourself!

Try to be healthy, mentally and physically, this programme is very demanding, and you need to prepare yourself for that! Let go of the little things, enjoy the environment, the diverse community you will live in, and focus on your goals!
And last but not least, be kind, because… “everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about”!

Yours sincerely,
your Dp2s.
P.s: Feel free to come and ask for help if you need it! We will be here for a whole year!

Written by: Junis Ekmekciu


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