Peace Day 2017

Peace day. It is celebrated on the 21st of September and it is a day where people try to strengthen the ideals of peace among nations and people. As this goal tries to pierce into the bubbles everyone is living in and reminds us about how important the dream of peace is, EMIS decided to celebrate this day on its own original way.

For almost three years now, 40 different nationalities living in an international school together, have made a tradition of displaying their flags and march to the dining hall. The flags are held over each person’s shoulder to show their culture and take pride in their identity. And this year was no different.

After the school ended, all the students rushed into their rooms to grab their flags and run to the main grass. There, all the Dp1s, Dp2s and Cambridge students lined up to take a group photo with all the nationalities coexisting in EMIS. The photograph not only showed flags, but also the happy faces of the people representing their country and their culture in the best way they could. It also showed a surprising unification of people from different countries, with different point of views and ideas, happily hugging each other in harmony. They seemed to have made the Peace Day goal a living reality, where everyone could live in peace and be happy in this big and multicultural family. After all, isn’t this what we want peace for? For all the human beings to live happily together just as these group of teenagers are doing with each other?

As the questions pop up and sink in with all the people who were able to witness that view in real life, the students started their march and entered the dining hall proudly displaying their flags and making small talk. What should be known though, is that the campus EMIS is located in also has other schools that do not know a lot about the diversity of cultures and people living a few meters away from them. With that in mind, it should not be any surprise that EMIS students were approached from the other students of the campus, and were asked questions to try and understand what the flags represented. The conversations made it clear how important it is that people should know more about the people from other countries as that is the most effective method for them to see that at the end of the day, no matter the differences we are all humans. That is why Peace Day has such a big significance and is so important to the EMISers and the world.

Written by: Junis Ekmekciu


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