Advice for Applicants

Dear applicants,

We all have been in this long but very exciting process of applying into EMIS. We know what it feels like and this is why we decided to come here with some few tips that may help you during the whole application process. Here are ten tips that all of us came up with for all of the applicants out there.



  • Be yourself


You do not have to pretend to be someone you are not, there is no need to make yourself look like someone you are not and you do not need to make yourself look much better than what you already are. We are pretty sure you are all amazing and have done amazing things. So, remember just to be yourself, show what you really like and answer everything as truthfully as you can.


  • Say nothing but the truth


There is no need to lie in your applicant, neither it will help you get in. Everything that you include in it should be true, we are all sure that you have a bunch of good things to say about you, no need to lie!


  • Be very confident


We know that interviews can be quite intimidating but show how confident you are and how confident you are about everything you do. Confidence makes you more convincing in your interview and much more attractive as a candidate for EMIS.


  • Show determination


Show how much you are determined that EMIS is the right school for you.  Show how much you want to come to EMIS and not to any other boarding school.


  • Stay calm and have patient


At the time of the interview stay calm, do not let all your thoughts make you nervous or anxious. Also, at the time of waiting for the answer remember to stay calm. There is nothing you can rush so there is no need to stress about this. Be patient, getting an answer may take time but all this process is worth the wait.


  • Highlight the importance of the mission


What makes EMIS so unique is its unique mission, so during the interview and during the essays do not forget to highlight the importance of its amazing mission. Also, show that you understand it.


  • Be passionate and be enthusiastic


When you show how passionate you are about everything you do back home but also how passionate you are about coming to EMIS it will give great impression of you. Talk about what are your real passions. Show how enthusiastic you are about EMIS, about its diversity, about its mission, about everything! If you show how much you like what you do and how much enthusiasm you have these will help you to be a great candidate for EMIS.


  • Know your worth


No matter what the answer is, remember your worth. You are unique and incredible. Unfortunately, the school cannot accept every applicant, a rejection does not determinate your value or who you are. Remember how great you are.


  • Talk about the diversity in the school


Show a lot of interest regarding the diversity of the school because at the end of the day diversity is the reason we are all here. If you are applying to EMIS just for the academic purpose this might not be the right school for you! EMIS is a place where you are not only to learn in class but also outside, with friends from LITERALLY all around the world. Talk about the importance of diversity and what you can do to contribute to the diversity of the school.


  • Don’t leave everything for last minute


Do not leave your opportunity of changing your life by coming to EMIS for last minute. When a paper is missing send it as soon as you can! Try to apply the earlier you can. The earlier you apply the more probability you have to get in and the higher probability of getting the scholarship you ask for. Remember EMIS applications go on a daily basis, so you should not wait to the end.


We really hope that these tips have been useful for you. We wish the best of lucks to every single of you in your application and we all hope to see you next year!!

Written by: Isabel Castro


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