Countries’ Fun Facts

Students from EMIS come from more than thirty different countries! Here are some really fun and interesting facts you may not know about the countries your friends come from:

  1. Israel: In Tel Aviv there are more than one hundred sushi restaurants, making it the city with the most sushi restaurants after Tokyo and NYC.
  2. Palestine: Muslims make up a majority of Palestinians though there is a large population of Christians as well.
  3. Colombia: In Colombia the national anthem is played twice a day in the radio and television: at six in the morning and six in the afternoon by law.
  4. Canada: Canada is the most educated country. More than half of the citizens have a college degree.
  5. Italy: Italy has fifty UNESCO World Heritage Sites, more than any other country in the world.
  6. Albania: More Albanians live outside the country than in the country.
  7. South Sudan: It is one of the youngest countries in the world. Only six year ago, in 2011, South Sudan obtained independence.
  8. Afghanistan: There is only one Jewish living person in Afghanistan.
  9. Poland: Poland comes from the tribe “Polaine” which literally means people living in open fields.
  10.  Germany: If a prisoner escapes from jail they are not punished because the law maintains that it’s the human instinct to be free. But this does not happen very frequently.
  11.  Turkey: Santa Claus comes from Turkey.
  12.  Sweden: Sweden pays $187 USD to students for going to high school.
  13.  Cambodia: The cambodian flag is the only one in the world that has a building in it.
  14.  China: In China the New Year Celebration lasts for 15 days.
  15.  Vietnam: The country’s name was originally spelled as two words, Viet Nam
  16.  Czech Republic: They are the largest consumers of beer in the world.
  17.  Brazil: It is named after a tree; brazil wood.
  18.  Ecuador : Ecuador is one of only two countries in South America that does not share a border with Brazil.
  19.  Guatemala : Do you like chocolate bars? The first ever chocolate bar was also invented in Guatemala during the Mayan times.
  20.  Russia: Moscow is home to more billionaires than anywhere else in the world. The latest count is 74.
  21.  Ethiopia: Coffee was discovered in this country, in Kaffa region. A shepherd discovered this famous beverage when his goats ate the leaves and became restless.
  22.  Sri Lanka: The most common meal in Sri Lanka is spicy curry with rice and a side dish of vegetables.
  23.  Spain: Spain is home to the world’s largest tomato fight: La Tomatina, celebrated every year in a village of Valencia.
  24.  Thailand: Thailand is the only Southeast Asian country that was never colonized by an European country. In fact, in the Thai language, the name of the country is Prathet Thai which means “land of the free.” Very fitting!
  25.  Costa Rica: The average wage laborer is about $10 per day, the highest in Central America.
  26.  France: In France you can marry a dead person
  27.  Hungary: Literacy of total population is 99%.
  28.  Belgium: Belgian men are the second tallest in the world
  29.  Serbia: The Serbian clock-making industry is even older than the world-famous Swiss one. The Serbs had their own clock 600 years before the Swiss did.
  30. South Africa: Almost 80 percent of South Africa’s population is Christian
  31. Taiwan: Taiwanese girls like to have fair skin and therefore stay away from the sunshine at all costs.


By: Isabel Castro and Nouran Dari


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