For the lack of help.

On the 28th of March 2018, we lost one of our children; it was the first loss for the EMIS Elifelet group which volounteers with refugee children in South Tel Aviv kindergartens and other organizations and projects concerning the humanitarian aid of refugees. A baby had died because of the lack of food and care. This is why Elifelet is not only a CAS to finish and to get your diploma, it is much more important than that. It is about mankind and teaching us humanity. This is a huge issue this country is suffering from. The refugees are lacking decent living conditions; they are lacking food, homes, and shelter. EMISers, one of the children that we used to play with and see every Friday has just left this world… for what? For the lack of help. And the most shocking fact is that none of the newspapers talked about it or highlighted such a loss. Let us all try to help these refugees and children to avoid such losses in our world. Anyone who is willing to help or has ideas on how to help them, please come to the Elifelet leaders and talk to us in person, any help will be much appreciated. Thank you!


Nouran Dari


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