For the lack of help.

On the 28th of March 2018, we lost one of our children; it was the first loss for the EMIS Elifelet group which volounteers with refugee children in South Tel Aviv kindergartens and other organizations and projects concerning the humanitarian aid of refugees. A baby had died because of the lack of food and care.... Continue Reading →


Countries’ Fun Facts

Students from EMIS come from more than thirty different countries! Here are some really fun and interesting facts you may not know about the countries your friends come from: Israel: In Tel Aviv there are more than one hundred sushi restaurants, making it the city with the most sushi restaurants after Tokyo and NYC. Palestine:... Continue Reading →

A nation’s voices

As you all know EMIS consists of 20% Israelis, 20% Palestinians, and 60% Internationals. We all have different political opinions and thoughts on global issues and, of course, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. But even though we disagree on many questions and there are sometimes heated debates, some opinions are not represented in this school. I am... Continue Reading →

Peace Day 2017

Peace day. It is celebrated on the 21st of September and it is a day where people try to strengthen the ideals of peace among nations and people. As this goal tries to pierce into the bubbles everyone is living in and reminds us about how important the dream of peace is, EMIS decided to... Continue Reading →

Ladies and Gentlemen…

Say hello to Ball’s Pyramid. This is what this desolate island which looks like a setting from a dystopian novel is called. Ball’s Pyramid is all that is left of an old volcano that emerged from the sea about 7 million years ago in the South Pacific. It is terribly narrow and very high, and... Continue Reading →

Efforts in Nepal

In the recent week, a disastrous earthquake hit Nepal on the 26 of April. It left an innumerable number of people injured or dead. Each day the death count rises, passing 5,000 as of yesterday night. The 7.8 magnitude earthquake’s epicenter occurred in Lamjung. Nearby rural outskirts of Gorkha and Dhading faced serious aftershocks. Aftershocks... Continue Reading →

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