Go Green!

From Leonardo DiCaprio speaking about climate change on the Oscars ceremony, to Emma Watson promoting eco-friendly fashion, the global environmental movement has gained a lot of momentum and keeps accelerating. It is all underscored by a political consensus expressed in the Paris Agreements, signed by 195 countries. Only in the last few weeks, France and... Continue Reading →


EMIS Culinary Guide

Typical Thursday afternoon of an EMISer: going out to Tel Aviv or Ramat, buying groceries, hanging out with friends and eating… but where? The problem is always the same so here we are with a solution to our never-ending concerns. To make it easier for you, I have indicated the price range in all the... Continue Reading →

Food waste at EMIS

The group of students in green team CAS are investigating an issue that hasn’t been discussed or mentioned since EMIS was born, the eyes of these students started to look around and they saw an awful fact that sometimes humans don’t recognize the existence of it. Therefore, they are now investigating this issue. The main... Continue Reading →

Meet Our Teachers

EMIS is a place of extraordinary students, but also extraordinary teachers. In order to present them, we would like to take a throwback to the past and introduce stories from their childhood. Here are some teachers who shared their narratives. Ms. Shani Ms. Shani comes from London, England. Throughout her career, she taught for 5... Continue Reading →

EMIS influenza

When, under the cover of the night, you walk to your room, ready to abandon yourself in the arms of Morpheus and embrace your pillow, the worst thing that can happen to you is hearing a noise, or better, the noise; your roommate snoring, that poor, lovely, roommate that fell sick and is incurably sneezing... Continue Reading →

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