15319546_1269400613130984_1102318025_nName: Maya Shina, DP1
Nationality: South African
HL Classes: Biology, Chemistry, Psychology
SL Classes: Mathematics, English A, Spanish ab
Hobbies: Baking, surfing, photography
What journalism means to you:  I feel that journalism is important as it has allowed people to express society’s most pressing issues. Because there are a variety of fields of journalism, it allows individuals in society to become better educated about the world around them. Journalism is a path for information to travel in, in a way that can be accessible and understandable to all. I feel that journalism can give voice to people who are unable to speak up for themselves.
Why you are in Journalism club: I am in journalism club because I don’t take any creativity as one of my subjects and as I am quite a creative person, I feel that it is important to use that creative side every once in a while. Also I love taking pictures and filming videos, so this CAS is a great opportunity to enjoy my hobbies.
Personal Statement: words are a powerful thing, and if we use them in the right way, we can truly make a difference in the

13935029_10209343120033064_3148331296686384453_nName: Shy Zvouloun, DP2
Nationality: Tanzania & Israel
HL Classes: English A Language and Literature, Global Politics, Biology, Visual Arts
SL Classes: Spanish Ab Initio, Mathematical Studies
Hobbies: equestrian sports, photography, yoga, preaching about feminism, playing violin, running away from my problems and responsibilities.
What journalism means to you: Journalism is a way to express the views of the people of the world in the most effect way possible.
Why are you in Journalism club: CAS. Joking! But not really. I inherited Journalism from my closest friend and have taken it on as my baby ever since. I’m passionate about allowing people to share their views with others, and believe that journalism allows them to do so.
Personal Statement: “Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion” -Rumi


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