15300463_1206972506036963_383253739_nName: Isabella Akesson, DP1
Nationality: Swedish/Italian
HL Classes: Bio, Econ, English A
SL Classes: Math, Chem, Spanish ab
Hobbies: Running, cooking, reading, photography
What journalism means to you: To me journalism is a form of expression to share one’s thoughts, events or other platforms of communication.
Why you are in Journalism club: I am in journalism club because I love reading, writing and photography. I have never taken photos professionally so I think that joining this club will give me the opportunity to develop my skills in photography since the pictures will be shared with other people. I also want to learn how to express myself through writing good articles since I have only written a few articles for English class and I think that being able to write articles is a very important skill to have.
Personal Statement: I believe that expression in different forms can make a change.

15271483_1136088636438207_1600867735_oName: Caterina Barbi, DP2
Nationality: Italian
HL Classes: Math, English A, Global Politics and Economics
SL Classes: Biology and Arabic Ab Initio
Hobbies: Ballet, Reading and chilling with music, Avoiding Sleep, Eating Nutella, Being stereotypically Italian with Ceci
What Journalism means to you: Journalism means broadening my knowledge about the world and about language. Language is a never-ending phenomenon, why not learn more?
Why are you in journalism club: Because I regret not taking it last year and I might want to do this for the rest of my life. Journalism club looks like an inspiring activity and a small family!
Personal Statement: Ognuno sta solo sul cuore della terra trafitto da un raggio di Sole- Quasimodo

Name: Shana Yaël Dahan, DP2
Nationality: French
HL Classes: Visual Arts, Physics, Economics
SL Classes: English A, Spanish ab-initio, Math
Hobbies: Swimming, arts, running, listening to music, cooking, playing piano, watching movies, going out, procrastinating
What journalism means to you: Journalism to me is a means of expression delivered in several different ways. Whether it be through personal writing, photographing or designing, each aspects allows for each individual to elaborate in their own field of interest.
Why you are in Journalism club: I am in journalism in order to get out of my comfort zone and use my creativity in another aspect, to use and expand my existing knowledge on designing and to learn from others personal experience and skills.
Personal Statement: “Be bold enough to use your voice, brave enough to listen to your heart, and strong enough to live the life you’ve always imagined” -Unknown


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