The Americas

15233773_783570638447961_913375342_oName: Danilo Angulo Molina, DP2
Nationality: Colombia
HL Classes: Global Politics, Economics and Biology
SL Classes: English A, Spanish A, Arabic ab initio and Mathematical studies
Hobbies: Traveling, writing, reading, volunteering, meeting people.
What journalism means to you: Journalism for me is a powerful tool to share feelings, ideas and experiences that look ineffable.
Why you are in Journalism club: To show the power of the words, to smile, to make a difference.
Personal Statement: I believe that every day is an opportunity to keep growing as a person, to make a positive impact in this world. I also believe in the power of diversity and that meeting and living with people from different backgrounds help to understand each other and to obtain a more global perspective to see the world today.

14440880_629070340589182_7835548658593112703_nName: Keren Sneh, DP2
Nationality: United States of America
HL Classes: Physics, Math, English A
SL Classes: Chemistry, Spanish B, ESS
Hobbies: Swimming, journalism, origami, listening to music
What journalism means to you: Journalism to me is an incredibly powerful tool in preserving freedom and democracy
Why you are in Journalism club: I love how powerful journalism is and I love being a part of a newspaper staff, no matter how small in scale
Personal Statement: “I refuse to live in fear of other people’s judgement” -Jenna McDougal


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