Interview with Julija

Can you provide some background information about yourself? I’m Julija, from Macedonia. I applied for UWC when I was in my second year of high school and was selected to go to UWC Mostar. Now I’m studying at the University of Florida. What has it been like studying in the US? Has it met your... Continue Reading →


The Going Home Soundtrack

“Here am I waiting I’ll have to leave soon Why am I holding on? We knew this day would come We knew it all along How did it come so fast?” (Maroon 5: Daylight) “Have me a good time, before my time is up” (Pitbull: Time Of Our Lives)   “Closing time, time for you... Continue Reading →

Interview with Galya

Can you tell us about your time in Costa Rica? I grew up in Costa Rica and attended UWC there as well, graduating in 2013. UWC was “hands down one of the most meaningful experiences of my life.” I met incredible people, did really interesting things and learned so much from the IB as well... Continue Reading →

Interview with Jodi

Could you provide a short background of yourself? I have lived my whole life in Pennsylvania. Then, I went to UWC USA and graduated last spring. This summer I started working, [I] saved up a lot of money, and started traveling in the winter. How did you hear of EMIS? What made you choose to... Continue Reading →

Interview with Flori

Could you provide a short background of yourself, before coming to EMIS? Your gap year? I grew up in Innsbruck, Austria, lived there, and went to school there all my life, except for when I left for my exchange year [to] the UK in 2011, and then I went to UWC Adriatic, which resided in... Continue Reading →

EMIS Packing Guide

Laundry bags You will be washing your laundry in a common laundry room on a specific day each week. Lots of girls or boys will share the same machines, therefore I advise you to bring a laundry bag in order to keep track of your stuff, especially small pieces. Bring some of your favourite food... Continue Reading →

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