Human Body in Nature

Human Body In Nature Bertil Nilsson     While I was checking my Instagram account, I came across a photograph taken by Bertil Nilsson. It was exceptionally unusual and different. So, I decided to research about him leading to this article basing on one of Bertil Nilsson’s work called ‘’Naturally’’. First of all, I want... Continue Reading →


EMIS Packing Guide

Laundry bags You will be washing your laundry in a common laundry room on a specific day each week. Lots of girls or boys will share the same machines, therefore I advise you to bring a laundry bag in order to keep track of your stuff, especially small pieces. Bring some of your favourite food... Continue Reading →

Dear Self

Dear self, I admit I was skeptical to check my email inbox after seeing a notification on my phone that I had received an email from the Eastern Mediterranean School. Would I be accepted, if I did get accepted would I attend, if I attended would I enjoy it? These were all thoughts that ran... Continue Reading →


Although it is definitely not one of our most favourite places in the world, life drives us in there from time to time. I am talking about hospitals, because a close friend of mine, who is actually one of my roommates, had to spend one night under the doctors’ supervision this weekend due to an... Continue Reading →

Efforts in Nepal

In the recent week, a disastrous earthquake hit Nepal on the 26 of April. It left an innumerable number of people injured or dead. Each day the death count rises, passing 5,000 as of yesterday night. The 7.8 magnitude earthquake’s epicenter occurred in Lamjung. Nearby rural outskirts of Gorkha and Dhading faced serious aftershocks. Aftershocks... Continue Reading →


I was born, In an unknown world, In an accidental way, I was born! I was held, In unknown arms, In a mysterious way, I was held! I was raised, I couldn’t choose where, I couldn’t choose how, I was raised! I grew up, Maybe sooner, Maybe later, I grew up! I became independent, Embracing... Continue Reading →


One year one day ago my friends and I found out one of our classmates passed away. Even though it is extremely difficult for me to understand his decision, it is true that is was his choice – a choice that should never be on our list of options, but somehow got on his. Nowadays... Continue Reading →

Holiday means Family

Spring break is over and after a 10-day break it is exciting as always to be back in the warm and welcoming heart of EMIS. The time we didn’t see each other wasn’t that long, but the fact that we’re so used to living together made it feel like ages! This spring break, at different... Continue Reading →

Pre-Wedding Thoughts

Among the mass of various dresses, skirts, and heels stood three sister with two other girls, preparing for an upcoming wedding. Though two of the girls had close to no idea of what they were doing, they continued along in the excitement of searching through the never ending supply for the perfect outfits. Not only... Continue Reading →

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