Borders and the Green Line in Jerusalem

Among the many possibilities that were offered to the students in the Jerusalem project, there was the investigation day, on January 31st, in which we had the chance to plan our own day to get to know more about conflicted topics. Groups 7 and 8 were assigned the Green Line, first established in 1949 as... Continue Reading →


40.0150° N, 105.2705° W … 32.0853° N, 34.7818° E

For me, moving to EMIS was probably the biggest change I’ve ever had to make. Besides the fact that I was moving to a country nine time zones away from my home, I was going to an entirely new school with people I’d never met before. Everything was different: three other people lived in my... Continue Reading →

Friedman Nominated for US Ambassador of Israel

United States President-Elect Donald Trump revealed his pick for Ambassador of Israel earlier this week, naming bankruptcy lawyer David Friedman as his nomination for the role. Friedman, a far-right actor known for being more right-wing than the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu himself, has called Barack Obama an “anti-Semite”, and contended that readers of J-Street... Continue Reading →

How Can MUN Simulations Lead to Peace Resolutions?

On the 28th and 29th of November, the EMIS Model United Nations (MUN) Club hosted a practice MUN Conference for students to discuss global issues as distinguished delegates, indicating an empowerment of youth and conflict resolution. In the context of such a complex and turbulent world where the Israeli-Palestinian conflict rages on, and where the... Continue Reading →

YOCOPAS Through Others

The 2016 Youth Organized Collaboration on Peace and Sustainability(YOCOPAS)  conference was held at EMIS, and was joined by students from eleven different schools. These schools were located in countries that are in conflict with each other such as Israel, Palestine, Gaza, and the West Bank. YOCOPAS was held in order to give people a chance... Continue Reading →

The Language of Food

During the YOCOPAS conference, I had the chance to participate in the Chefs Without Borders workshop. This workshop was focused on how food is used as a tool to connect people from different cultures. Two chefs, Avnet Laskin and Ezra Kadem, with three sous-chefs, guided us through the workshop. The two chefs have diverse backgrounds... Continue Reading →

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