Interview with Niv Bahr

Niv Bahr is an individual who highly values nature. He graduated from the United World Colleges in Mostar and nowadays works as a group guide at the Eastern Mediterranean International School. In his free time, Niv Bahr can be found hiking somewhere in the world or playing one of his favorite musical instruments: lira. One... Continue Reading →


2015 Nobel Prize in Chemistry

This year, three scientists - Tomas Lindahl, Paul Modrich and Aziz Sancar – were awarded jointly the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for “Mechanistic studies of DNA repair". This discovery is considered to be a major breakthrough in science due to its potential to repair DNA. Yet, in spite of this research’s relevance, most people do... Continue Reading →

ZZZ… weird name, great idea!

During the EMIS Sustainability Weekend (13-1March 2015), an organization called ZZZ came from Germany to give us a workshop. ZZZ stands for ZwischenZeitZentrale. Behind this weird German name of which I do not know the meaning, there is a new concept, a new idea. Sourced from:  According to the Production Team, the aim of this... Continue Reading →

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