YOCOPAS Overview

Day 1: The first day of YOCOPAS was full of bonding activities within the family groups. We had the chance to connect to other students from other countries by personal introduction as well as some interesting and funny activities. Then, we moved to the Cardo area for the Bkind workshop. A representative from the organisation... Continue Reading →


Interview with Alexander Brakel

The Konrad Adenauer Foundation is funding YOCOPAS. What is the reason for doing so? What do you find interesting in this initiative of the school? The decision was taken by my predecessor, so I cannot exactly say what his reasons were, but I am pretty sure they are the same reasons why I would fund... Continue Reading →

YOCOPAS Opening Ceremony

All aboard the YOCOPAS airplane. More than fifty nationalities represented by EMIS students, ambassadors from Turkey, Guatemala, European Union, Union of the Mediterranean, guests, proud parents, students from Palestine, Spain, Denmark, amongst many others boarded the YOCOPAS airlines flight. All these people from different corners of the world, gathered in the same auditorium, with the... Continue Reading →

System Ali

On the night of December 10th, EMIS had the distinct pleasure of enjoying the exquisite sound of System Ali, an inspirational Hip Hop band which performed for the opening ceremony of the YOCOPAS Peace Conference this weekend. The diverse band sports native Russian, Hebrew and Arabic speakers who played not only with a tenacious spirit,... Continue Reading →

Interview with Niv Bahr

Niv Bahr is an individual who highly values nature. He graduated from the United World Colleges in Mostar and nowadays works as a group guide at the Eastern Mediterranean International School. In his free time, Niv Bahr can be found hiking somewhere in the world or playing one of his favorite musical instruments: lira. One... Continue Reading →

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